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Who We Are

About American Psych Care

Welcome to American Psychiatric Care. Our dedication lies in offering a holistic and individualized approach to mental well-being. Our extensive range of services is designed to cater to the unique requirements of every patient. Our team, comprising of seasoned Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, is devoted to ensuring you achieve optimal mental health.

Our Services

Comprehensive Evaluations:

Detailed psychiatry evaluations to understand individual needs.

Medication Management:

Including Supportive Psychotherapy, TMS, and Spravato treatments.

Advanced Treatments:

We offer state-of-the-art treatments like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Supportive Psychotherapy:

A therapeutic approach to improve mental health.

Our Philosophy

Family-Centric Care:

Treating an individual within the context of their family for holistic well-being.

Conservative Medication Approach:

Exercising caution with addictive medications and promoting therapy.

Trust and Relationship:

Fostering a trusting bond between the provider and the patient for effective care.


Meet Our Professionals

Ravikumar Bhalavat

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Grace Onuegbu

CRNP PMHNP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Kathryn Jenkins

board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner

Heather Martin

CRNP, Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Sherry Strine

CMA-C, Practice Manager

Sarah Kregel

CMA, Certified Medical Assistant

Crystal Hicks

CMA, New Patient Coordinator

Katelyn Speckman

Patient Services Assistant

Amanda Haga

Certified Medical Assistant

Your mental well-being is our priority. Please share your concerns or experiences for a tailored consultation. Rest assured, your information is confidential and won’t be shared without permission.