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What is TMS?

TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, harnesses the potential of non-invasive electromagnetic fields, akin to those generated by an MRI machine, to activate or inhibit specific brain regions. This groundbreaking therapy delivers short, focused magnetic pulses to targeted areas of the brain. The treatment duration varies, ranging from 3 to 19 minutes per session, typically administered 3-5 times per week, spanning a six-week period.

FDA Approved and Insurance Covered

  • FDA Approved: Our TMS therapy is backed by the endorsement of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ensuring its safety and efficacy.
  • No Weight Gain: Unlike some other treatments, TMS therapy won’t lead to unwanted weight gain.
  • Insurance Covered: You can access this cutting-edge treatment with the support of your insurance.

Safe and Effective

Minimal Side Effects

  • No Sexual Side Effects: TMS therapy boasts a remarkable absence of sexual side effects, enhancing its appeal.
  • Safe in Pregnancy: Expecting mothers can rest easy as TMS therapy is considered safe during pregnancy.
  • No Memory Side Effects: Preserve your cognitive abilities with TMS therapy, free from memory-related side effects.


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TMS Treatment Explained

Experience the Journey

TMS therapy is a painless, noninvasive procedure that requires no anesthesia or sedation. You can continue taking your prescribed medications without interruption. Relax in a comfortable chair, enjoying a spa-like atmosphere, while the TMS coil hovers above your head, delivering the therapeutic magnetic pulses to your brain.

During the treatment, you may hear a clicking noise and feel a gentle tapping sensation on your head, often described as resembling a woodpecker’s sound. Rest assured, TMS treatment is generally pain-free. Following the session, you might experience mild scalp irritation or a minor headache. Each session lasts between 3 to 19 minutes, depending on your treatment plan, allowing you to engage in conversation or watch TV during the process.

Throughout your treatment, our dedicated TMS Therapy specialist remains present, overseeing the procedure and ensuring your comfort.

Treatment Frequency

The Path to Transformation

Most patients undergo three to five TMS treatment sessions per week over a six-week duration. However, the exact frequency can vary based on your specific condition and your response to treatment.

Continuing Medications

Optimizing Your Treatment

You can continue taking your regular medications during your TMS series, but our clinicians will carefully evaluate your medication regimen. In some cases, adjustments may be necessary to mitigate the risk of seizures. Rest assured, our team will work closely with you to optimize your treatment plan.

Long-Term Efficacy

Lasting Relief

TMS offers a durable solution for depression, with responder rates sustained at 50% up to one year following a successful treatment course. While most antidepressant treatments require ongoing maintenance, TMS is no exception. Although research on TMS as a maintenance therapy is limited, our team will collaborate with you and your primary psychiatrist and therapist to establish a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs.

Experience the transformation with TMS therapy. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a brighter future.


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Meet Our Professionals

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What Our Patient Say About Us

"I received magnet therapy for depression at the American Psychiatric Center in Belair. Each session took only 20 minutes. The results were amazing. I stopped taking my antidepressant and feel great. No side effects!"
"TMS was a success story for me. I was sick for many years and had multiple sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. Nothing helped until I had TMS at Dr. Bhalavat's office. I'm doing fantastic now."
"I am on a maintenance schedule to "top up" my anti-depression tanks. This second experience is as good as the first! The actual treatment is relaxing and not at in the least uncomfortable. After each session, I always feel a little perked up. Over the long term, my mood has significantly improved. I don't feel like a zombie any more."

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