Child, Adult & Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic:

We are treating children adult and geriatric patients with psychiatric issue.

we provide 2nd opinion for your psychiatric care.

Our focused is evidence based comprehensive psychiatric evalution and management. new patient visit are 60 min and follow up visit are 20 to 30 min based on individual needs.

Our patient will get wide variety of treatment options including psychopharmacology, TMS treatment, Spravato ,Genetic testing for psychopharamcology, Neuropsych testing for cogntive function, adhd Testing,annual depression and anxiety screening and so on. We do offer antipsychotics depot injection also.


Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Child, Adult & Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic:

Tailored evaluations
and treatments
for all age groups.

TMS Brain Stimulation

FDA approved treatments for conditions like Depression, OCD, fibromyalgia, and chronic insomnia.

Spravato REMS Certified Center:

Specialized care for
Treatment resistant
depression in adults.

we provide suboxone and vivitrol injection for substance abuse treatment.

Most of our patient will get combination of psychiatric Medication and Brief psychotherapy treatment. We have wide range of providers with different expertise including Psychiatrist, Psychiatric nurse practitioners and Physician Assistant.


Meet Our Professionals

Ravikumar Bhalavat

MD D.F.A.P.A Board Certified Psychiatrist Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Grace Onegbu

Psychiatric Nurse

Jennifer Turpen

CRNP, Family
Psychiatric Nurse

Heather Martin

CRNP, Family
Psychiatric Nurse

What Our Patient Say About Us

"I recently requested a change (I heard back from the office same day) from my previous provider to Kristy. She talked to me for over 20 minutes and took her time with me. She updated my information that had not been changed in their system for years. I have hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. A breath of fresh air and optimism after struggling for months."
Megan Tolliver
"I had the pleasure of getting an appointment with Kristy, and she was absolutely wonderful! She really asked a lot of questions in detail to get to the root of the problem. I think if you are seeking any type medication or help in anyway, they are the place to go! Thank you for your help kristy!"
Malarie Keagle
"I am on a maintenance schedule to "top up" my anti-depression tanks. This second experience is as good as the first! The actual treatment is relaxing and not at in the least uncomfortable. After each session, I always feel a little perked up. Over the long term, my mood has significantly improved. I don't feel like a zombie any more."
Alana Deitrick


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Honeygo Psychiatry

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Your mental well-being is our priority. Please share your concerns or experiences for a tailored consultation. Rest assured, your information is confidential and won’t be shared without permission.