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We pair top-of-the-line depression treatment facilities in Bel Air, MD, with a compassionate healthcare team dedicated to your healing. Access the latest therapies, treatments, and counseling services available in the mental health field. We work with myriad insurance providers and offer services to prevent and manage depression. Connect with us for your mental health needs.

Your Benefits with American Psych Care

At American Psych Care, you don’t just find treatments – you find care that transcends conventional boundaries. Our emphasis on patient comfort ensures minimal waiting times and efficient connect call services for urgent assistance. Relish the freedom of outpatient treatment and the assurance of practical solutions to your health issues. Address your mental health and join our ever-growing community of individuals leading healthier, happier lives.

Discover American Psych Care’s Unique Advantages

Our comprehensive approach to depression treatment goes beyond the traditional. Offering revolutionary depression treatments such as TMS and Spravato, we’re not just one of the many mental health clinics. We provide services that address your specific needs by examining every aspect of your mental health, making us the go-to depression treatment center in Bel Air, MD. Embrace the American Psych Care promise of quality treatment for a healthier mental state and happier life.

Journey with Us: Your Trusted Partner for Depression Treatment

We understand that seeking therapy or treatment for depression is a significant, personal decision. Our expert team supports you in this journey, providing expert care, comfort, and assistance every step of the way. With each treatment tailored to your needs, our mission is to help you reclaim your life and find lasting happiness.

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Start your personalized journey towards mental health and happiness with us. Dive into a range of qualified depression treatments in Bel Air, MD, and experience care that respects, understands, and values you. Claim your life back from depression, and step into a brighter future with our treatment services at American Psych Care.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Child, Adult & Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic:

We are treating children adult
and geriatric patients with
psychiatric issue.

TMS Brain Stimulation

FDA approved treatments for conditions like Depression, OCD, fibromyalgia, and chronic insomnia.

Spravato REMS Certified Center:

Specialized care for
Treatment resistant
depression in adults.

Who Do We Help?


If you’re suffering from depression and despair, you’re not alone. Many adults like you have found effective depression treatment at our Bel Air, MD, center. “American Psych Care helped me understand and manage my depression. I’m now leading a happier, healthier life.” – Client Testimonial.

Teenagers with Depression and their Parents

If you’re a parent witnessing your teenager suffer from mental health issues, our team can help. We provide exhaustive depression and mental health treatment to teenagers. “The team at American Psych Care was very understanding and helped my child effectively manage their depression.” – Parent Testimonial.

Senior Patients

Issues such as depression are not uncommon in older adults. We provide safe and effective depression treatments that carry minimal side effects. “American Psych Care gave me my zest for life back. The depression treatment had no adverse effects.” – Geriatric Patient Testimonial.


Meet Our Professionals

Ravikumar Bhalavat

MD D.F.A.P.A Board Certified Psychiatrist Board Certified in Addiction Medicine

Grace Onuegbu

Psychiatric Nurse

Kathryn Jenkins

board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner

Heather Martin

CRNP, Family
Psychiatric Nurse

What Our Patient Say About Us

"I recently requested a change (I heard back from the office same day) from my previous provider to Kristy. She talked to me for over 20 minutes and took her time with me. She updated my information that had not been changed in their system for years. I have hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. A breath of fresh air and optimism after struggling for months."
"I had the pleasure of getting an appointment with Kristy, and she was absolutely wonderful! She really asked a lot of questions in detail to get to the root of the problem. I think if you are seeking any type medication or help in anyway, they are the place to go! Thank you for your help kristy!"
"I am on a maintenance schedule to "top up" my anti-depression tanks. This second experience is as good as the first! The actual treatment is relaxing and not at in the least uncomfortable. After each session, I always feel a little perked up. Over the long term, my mood has significantly improved. I don't feel like a zombie any more."

Frequently Asked Questions about Treatment at American Psych Care

If you’re looking for information about our depression treatment services in Bel Air, MD, you’ve come to the right place! Indistinctiveness in pricing is due to variances in individual treatment plans. Here are some of our patients and their families’ most common questions.

What types of depression treatment services does American Psych Care provide?

We provide a broad range of services to treat depression, including innovative medication treatments like TMS Spravato and Brief Psychotherapy. Our care team works to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and health issues.

Our depression treatment services are available for adults of all ages, including teenagers and geriatric patients. We also work closely with parents of teenagers suffering from depression.

Starting your personalized depression treatment at American Psych Care is as simple as connecting with us. A care team member will guide you through the steps to get started, including an initial assessment of your depression symptoms.

Our treatment process is simple and transparent. It includes an assessment of your health issues, a discussion about treatment options, and the creation of a custom treatment plan. We also regularly evaluate your progress to ensure we’re on the right track.

Yes, we provide outpatient treatment. This means you can receive treatment at home, making it a convenient option for many people.

Yes, we work with a number of insurance providers. Please connect with us to learn more about your coverage options.

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Our Process –Simple and Transparent

Our treatment process is comprehensively designed and widely accepted. We assess your symptoms in the initial visit, followed by an in-depth discussion about your treatment options. Based on your profile, we develop a tailor-made treatment plan for you. Periodic evaluation of your progress ensures that we stay on the right path to healing.

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Unearth a healthier tomorrow with depression treatments tailored specifically for you. Learn how our TMS and Spravato treatments can lead you to recovery. Say goodbye to depression and start a depression-free life with American Psych Care.

Your mental well-being is our priority. Please share your concerns or experiences for a tailored consultation. Rest assured, your information is confidential and won’t be shared without permission.